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Exam registration

At the same time as you approve your study plan you must also register for tuition and examinations. The deadline for this is September 1st for the autumn semester and 1 February for the spring semester.

Resit/deferred exams
The deadline to register for resit/deferred exams for the spring semester is July 20th, and January 20th for the fall semester. If th exam has been held outside the ordinary examination period the deadline for registering is three weeks after grading is available.
Students are themselves responsible for registering for resit/deferred examination on the StudentWeb.

If the exam consists of several parts and you are only taking one of these, you must first register for all the parts, and then withdraw from the ones you are not taking. To withdraw you click on the '' Active Topics '', find the topic and click on the red cross next to the part you do not want to take.