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Society of Petroleum Engineering is an international organization with more than 164,000 members worldwide. We have a mission to improve the academic and social ties between engineering students and the oil and gas industry.

Petrobowl Spe 2016

We are open to bachelor and master students in engineering and technology subjects who are interested in getting
in touch with and learn more about this industry.

We arrange monthly technical meetings, company presentations, company visits, quiz and other social events. In addition, we offer our members 20% refund on all course-related textbooks and we hold SPE Student Award where
we hand out scholarships to student members who have distinguished themselves.

We are also very proud of the efforts of our members who have competed in Petro Bowl. This is an international competition where the competing teams are challenged.

Join SPE and expand your professional network! You can find us at our office at pav. 4, room P-207 on Tuesdays between 12: 15-14: 00.

Contact information: